Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Pattern- Hearts 'n Clubs

I'm working on a new pattern called Hearts 'n Clubs.  Even though my "clubs" look more like stubby li'l Phoenixs I'm keeping the name.  I've worked a ring with silver lined fuchsia and black size 11 delicas and size 15 gold seed beads. I've also worked one earring with the same color delicas and light lined topaz delicas.  I started a bracelet with silver lined orange, turquois, yellow and metallic olive delicas, but the color combination made me shudder so I took out the yellow, substituted fuchsia and black for the orange and turquoise. And outlined it in gold.

The size 15 gold beads give the ring a tighter, more stable feel and as you
can see there's just a slight hint of texture.  It cups gently and the hearts and clubs are slightly raised.

I'm working on drawing the illustrations for putting the band on the ring, and the connecting loop on the earrings.

The pattern will include the 4 bead connector bar that will allow for repeating the design to make a bracelet or strap any length desired.  I hope to have it ready for sale before the weekend.


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