Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wellness Wednesday - Get Moving!

Mankind has evolved over millenia to MOVE. Our ancesters found movement necessary in order to survive, but modern technology has changed all that. . .but not our bodies.

Many, if not most, of us lead very sedentary lives even though we consider ourselves energetic. Sitting at a desk eight hours a day or more is detrimental to our health in many ways. Here are some startling statistics.

Sitting for long periods of time is killing us, literally. Inactivity may lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and a miriad of other diseases.

When you sit for long periods of time, your body begins to shut down. Your fat burners turn off, your metabolism and circulation slow down. You also may breath more shallowly bringing in less oxygen (key to the function of the entire body including the brain).

Exercise is key to avoiding these symptoms, but 30 minutes to an hour 3 times a week may not be enough.

Many doctors today are suggesting that you get up from your desk or chair every 30 minutes or so, stretch and walk around for one to five minutes. This restores circulation, improves the oxygen content of the blood and keeps muscles from getting stiff. At my age, I guess I'm lucky.  I'd like to sit for hours with my bead mat in my lap and not move, but my hip and back remind me often to get up!  I've noticed that I haven't gained any weight over the winter this year as I used to to in the past when I could sit for hours.

Dr. Oz has even suggested removing the chair from your desk and doing all your work standing. His office doesn't have a chair in it. Of course depending on the positioning of computer etc. this may not be feasable for you, but DO get up often and MOVE.

Some of the information here was taken from Womens Health Magazine. There is much more information on the website.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Neon Pendant Tutorial

What do you think of neon beads?  Looking for free tutorials I found this Neon Pendant on The Best Beads blog.
I have tried for years to figure out how to make a beaded tassel but never could find a way to bind the fringes at the top.  I thought this was a cute fun pattern.

Lets make this a "twofer" tutorial Tuesday.  This isn't bead related, but I love recycling.  Turn a pair of leggins into a cropped top. Watch the video for this very simple change.

Monday, March 2, 2015

My Muse Has Returned

It's been a long time since I posted here.  I was beginning to think my muse went AWOL permanently.  The past year hasn't been kind and I've taken it personally, but I'm trying to come back with renewed optimism.
This blog has been primarily bead work and crafting, but I think I'm going to expand it's content.  Good health is important to every aspect of life, so I'll be posting some natural health titles as well as crafting.
A few days ago Sandra Halpenny posted a picture on her facebook page of a necklace called So Many Cubes.  I was scrolling through and had to go back and take a good look.  The necklace was her pattern beaded by ME way back before I started designing and went by beadette2.  The cubes struck a chord with me and I went browsing through my cube beads.  I didn't find any 4mm (the most commonly used) that struck my fancy, but I found these 6mm Russian Jade ones. 

The picture is terrible.  There's no sun and my light box is set up to take pictures from the front (and one of the lamps is burned out), so I had to rely on over head lighting which cast reflections all over the beads.

I rummaged around and found some cream size 11's, some brown iridescent size 6's and some olivene bicones. I'm still just doodling with these, but I really like the bicone edging.  I only have 7 of those, so I ordered some more.  Now, while I wait for my order,  I have another doodle started with pearls.  It's still in the ???what is it stage so I haven't taken a picture of it yet.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Update on Latest Beaded Rope

My last post "More on Beaded Ropes I showed you a CRAW (cubic right angle weave) rope I was working on. I tried to make a loop drop and then continue with a strap on each side for a necklace. In spite of Heather Collin's wonderful video tutorial I simply could not get the join right to join the two ends of the rope together. The video is very clear, and in my head I could see it perfectly. . .until I sat with beads and thread in hand, then I got lost.
 After taking it out at least half dozen times I went on with the straps, but it just wasn't right, so I started over. I used a different color scheme, keeping the cranberry lined drops and changing the yellow to white.  I also changed the green pearls for ruby red faceted fire polished beads, and the gold lined olivine were replaced with galvanized gold.  I thought the rope between the join needed to be a little longer because the yellow rope looked a little crimped.  This time I started with a 3 row rope of gold beads for the connector and worked the ropes off the side of it.  So far I'm very pleased with it.  It's not nearly as unique as Heather Collin's creations, but sometimes I just like to have fun with a stitch to see where it leads me.

Monday, December 16, 2013

More on Beaded Ropes

I had shared some thoughts on beaded ropes in my post What Else Can You Do With a Beaded Rope some time ago. I've been mentally processing this for nearly a year now and have finally come up with some ideas that came together.
On the right is a 4 bead herringbone rope with twin bead inserts bangle.  It turned out mostly OK but still not too much to my liking.

I mentioned to Heather Collin that CRAW seemed to have a lot of thread showing.  She said yes it does, but it helps to use thread that is close to the same color of your beads.  It's so versatile and she makes such unique designs with it I decided to try again.  On the top left is a practice piece that I started with Delica beads, but I wasn't thrilled with the look.  I also wanted to change up the design a little, so I started over with round Tohos.  I like the look of the rope with these much better.

As for color I discovered that the change in the drop color also enhanced the project because the cranberry lined crystal drops give the piece a littl more bling, but don't overwhelm.  In looking over the colors I discovered that quite by coincedence I've used colors that closely resemble Pantone's colors for Spring 2014.  The green pearls are too dark to replace hemlock, but the beads BelloModo calls peach cobbler closely resembles Freesia, and the cranberry lined crystal drops are close to Radiant Orchid.  So far I'm very pleased with the progress and hope to have more of the design to show you soon. (or maybe next year the way my blogging has been going).

Heather has created two more videos about working CRAW and they also gave me a lot of ideas about makeing designs with ropes.
How to Work an Extra Row off an Existing Rope

How to Work Shapes


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