Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

As I sat pondering what to bring to my blog this cold, windy Sunday morning, I scrolled through the blogs I follow and found this. I love this blog. It's the journey of a man who went or is going blind early in life. I know he gets discouraged, but his blog is just such an inspiration to me that I wanted to share this post. Hope you enjoy it.
The Story of Three Trees

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Geometric Hearts Bracelet

I've finished the pattern for my new design, Geometric Hearts. I mentioned in my last post I was working on Chevron Hearts, but I changed the name. I don't have the earring pattern posted for sale yet, but the bracelet pattern is available at both BeadPatternsBoutique and The Bead Coop. I hope to have the earring pattern up by tomorrow.

I haven't been very actively blogging or beading lately. It seems I always have something on the mat and something in my head, but my hands are idle. Hopefully with the weather moving into spring I'll lose some of this lethargy and return to "active duty".

Friday, February 5, 2010

Figure 8 Bracelet

I finished this beautiful figure 8 bracelet last week. Worked in red 6mm fire polished rounds and white pearls with silver rocailles it is perfect for the season. I've uploaded the pattern to Bead Patterns Boutique. It works up quickly in a single pass with two needle RAW.

I'm now working on a peyote cuff that I call chevron hearts. I had it on the bead tray when I picked up my 4 year old granddaughter from school. After being instructed to not touch the bead tray when I had a project on it,(she likes to put things under my magnifying light and look at them) she promptly picked up the part of the bracelet I'd worked. Yep! Tipical 4 year old right? I scolded her and she laid it back down but continued to look at it from different angles. Then she said "Look Nana, you have triangles!" So we picked out all the triangles and named the colors, then I pointed to a diamond shape and asked her what it was. She promptly replied "That's a rhombus". I nearly fell out of the chair. :) She's such a paradox.

The rain has let up here and the sun is shining but we're due another storm by Monday. This nasty weather is a great time to bead, so I'd better get busy.


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