Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bead Quilling

Since Bead and Button Magazine featured Kathy King's "Bead Quilling" designs in June 2008, learning bead quilling has been on my to do list. Two years is a long time to leave a project on the back burner for most people, but for me it's common.

Bead Quilled JewelryToday as I was doing some research I came a cross a new book by Kathy King "Bead Quilled Jewelry"  The pictures on the cover have started my creative juices flowing.  I think of quilling as being flowing curves and circles and arcs, but these V shapes are very intriguing!

Now my mind's going in a dozen different directions.  Do I finish up that pattern I've been working on and get it uploaded,  sort through pictures and update my Etsy shop,  finish the bead challenge I'm working on. . . well you get the picture.  When I get this way I usually go work in the yard, but the wind's blowing too hard today.  I'll have to make a decision and get busy!


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