About Me

I've been crafting most of my life. A few years ago I got interested in beads. It seems like I have been looking for this particular medium for my whole life. I have been designing beaded jewelry since 2007. You can find my bead patterns  at Bead Patterns Boutique,  The Bead Coop and Craftsy.

I have been a soapmaker and herbologist since 1999 and am continually studying alternative healing modalities.

I've branched out from just blogging about my interests and now am also a freelance writer with several how-to articles on Firehow. and Hub Pages.

I live on the high plains of Texas, am a retired bookkeeper, but I must keep myself busy, which I do  by keeping up with all the other things I've mentioned above when I can.  I'm constantly exploring the world of crafts to find new things I can incorporate into my beadwork.

My newest endeavor is making coloring mandalas. I find making them as relaxing and enjoyable as coloring them.  The are great meditation aids.

While most of my blog is dedicated to beadwork, I feel that staying healthy is essential in life no matter what you do, so I'll be adding some blogs about natural health and staying healthy. It's much easier to stay healthy than to regain your health once it's in a downward spiral.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments about my blog or any of my interests.


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