Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winding Road

The name of this bracelet seems to describe my life perfectly. I just keep going and going and going and seemingly making very little progress because of the bends, curves and switch backs.

With that said I must say that there's some progress here.  These beautiful crystal AB Swarovski rounds from are a perfect coupling with the satin druks. They create an alluring, sparkling, winding path thought the druks and end in a caged bead and bead loop closure.

This is a new stitch for me. . .triangle weave.  I finally got the general concept of it down after 3 years of trying, then decided to do my "what if" thing.  The bracelet turned out beautifully and now has a place in my Etsy Shop.  The pattern is proving to be somewhat more difficult. I keep getting lost on the illustrations, but I promise I will get it done and up for sale shortely.  The caged Bead in this application is also something new for me.  I like it better than just a bead and loop because the bead loop isn't too likely to slip over the caged bead and accidentally come undone .

I think I finally got over the spring fever and have gotten into cleaning mode.  I've been doing some work in the yard and trying to sort things out in the house.  I'm the world's worst pack rat.  I've lived in this same home for 19 years and accumulated all manner of things that I would have disposed of long ago if I'd moved.  It's time to find new homes for some of my "stuff". . .but not my beading stuff.  I'll probably horde that til I die.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I started this year out with the goal of adding one new bead pattern a week and one new item to my Etsy shop every week. I have plenty of jewelry to put up on Etsy, it's just hard for me to get good pictures.

I was taking inventory today. I've only added eight new patterns and 9 items to my Etsy shop. Some of the Etsy items are some that expired and I relisted.

Yep! I'm feeling sorry for myself, or guilty. I'm not sure which. the year is swiftly passing and I'm accomplishing so little.

Now that I've had both cataracts removed and eyes are pretty well healed I hope I can get a lot more done the rest of the year than I've done so far.

The Best Little Beading Book (Beadwork Books)I've been watching Amazon for quite some time for "The Best Little Beading Book" to come available.
Wendy Simpson Conner learned beadwork from her grandmother. This book covers various beads and their sizes in mm, fundamentals of beading, beadwork, stringing, and so much much more. There's a lot of history of beadwork and pictures of old beadwork on fabric and bead weaving.
There are many patterns in this book and also a section on setting up a jewelry business and some fun puzzles. It just looks like a wonderful reference book complete with eye candy. That's something we all love isn't it?
The regular price I've found on this books from other sites is $28 or so.  This one's a steal at under $10.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork: Dimensional Jewelry with Peyote Stitch (Beadweaving Master Class)
I've had my eye on this book for a while now. Diane Fitzgerald is, in my opinion, the wizard of peyote stitch.Take a look at the details of this book.  The cover only shows a minimum of the shapes she covers.

Diane Fitzgerald is a master jeweler who is dedicated to her craft and has spent much time figuring out how to make shaped beads that resemble high end jewelry.  This book not only gives clear, concise instructions and illustrations, but includes inspirational pictures of jewelery she's created.

If you're interested in learning to make 2D and 3D beaded shapes this book will be an invaluable addition to your beading library.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bead Stitch Tutorials

Are you new to beading, or to be more specific, peyote beading? Do the patterns confuse you? Peyote was the hardest stitch I ever learned. I would pick up instructions, pick out beads and sit down to try to bead and it just didn't make sense to me at all. I did this every few months for over a year before I got my Aaah Haaa Moment, it clicked and I've loved peyote ever since.

Jennifer VanBenschoten, the beadwork guide at, has some awesome tutorials for various types of peyote. If you're confused about peyote, check out these tutorials.

How to Read Tubular Peyote Patterns.
How to Read Flat Even Count Peyote Stitch Graph

How to Read a Flat Odd Count Peyote Stitch Graph
How to Read a Peyote Stitch Word Chart

If you still have trouble with these stitches, join the beadwork forum at and feel free to ask for help. The beaders there are very helpful and generous with their knowledge and experience.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hearts n Clubs is Finished

I finally did it. I got the Hearts n Clubs finished. It's a week later than I planned but it's done. You can find the pattern at BeadPatternsBoutique.

I've started on another pattern called Fleur de Lis. I've tried for 3 years to make a suitable fleur de lis design and finally succeeded. I don't have pictures yet, but it's worked with delicas and size 15s like the Hearts n Clubs. It cups more and is a little larger. I don't think I'll make a ring. I'm in the process of putting fringe on the earrings now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beady Friend News

My beady friends have been very busy. Bouncing Wolf has created a new style bracelet pattern. and incorporated some of her Native American designs into it.

Juanita of JayCee Patterns has come up with a new twist on St. Petersburg chain and made some beautiful earrings.  She busy getting a pattern ready to post at BeadPatternsBoutique.

Cindy at Bead Origami has shared pictures of some of her great grandmother's amazing beaded flowers.

Check out ArtBeadScene for some wonderful information and don't forget to check their website for their 10th Anniversary Sale. Each week will be a different sale, so bookmark that site and keep checking back.

I'll be having cataract surgery Tuesday, 5/4/10. I've lost about 40% of the vision in my other eye to glaucoma, so I don't know how long it will be before I'm able to blog or do any of the beady things I love. I'll be back as soon as possible.


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