Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tribute to a Star

There aren't many celebrities that evoke this kind of emotion from me, but I'm making this blog post to a true Star-Patrick Swayze. Patrick lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer last night. Patrick was a one-of-a-kind celebrity. He was down to earth, passionate about his work and how it would effect others. He loved acting, dancing, his lovely wife and life on his ranch. I've never known of him to seem that he got a big head over any of his success.

According to his friends and those he worked with, he was a caring and giving in real life as he was protrayed in his interviews. Woopee Goldberg won an Oscar for Ghost, and says she owes it to Patrick because he got her the role. There are many stories of that kind told of this bigger than life celebrity.

He says his most notable line in any of his movies was the one at the end of Ghost when he said in effect in the end love is all that you can take with you. He will be greatly missed.


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