Monday, September 7, 2009

Queen of Frog Stitch

{Doffs hat and bows with a flourish!} Meet the queen of the frog stitch! I have been working on a design that I can see clearly in my head, but can't translate it to beads. Sometimes I really wish that math made sense to me. I've known of some bead designers that plot their designs mathematically, then work them. Me? I just struggle with trying to figure out how to get this bead to set in this position in order to off set that other bead.

I've been working on a knot pendant that in my mind looks vaguely like a necktie knot with fringe coming out the bottom to represent the "tail" of the knot. I thought I just about had it this time (third try), but when I held it up it was way too long and narrow and didn't look as much like a knot as I had envisioned it. So, to a third round of frog stitch (rrripit, rrripit)as I take it all out and start over. OK I know the design is flawed, that's why I'm starting from the beginning. Thanks for letting me rant. It helps to clear my mind.

As a reward for your kindness I'll share some interesting blogs I found this morning.
Art Bead Scene shares their designer of the week.
Beadography shares a picture of a lovely beaded vase in progress
And the Rabbit Muse very graciously shares a feeling I'm sure most of us can relate to.


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