Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finished St. Petersburg Chain.

I mentioned before that I was wrestling with learning St. Petersburg Chain. Well I finally finished a project that had been brewing for nearly a year.

My son and daughter-in-law came for a visit from California last summer and on the way out here they stopped in Gallup, NM and browsed around the Thunderbird Supply Company there. They brought me some beautiful little treasures. Among them were two aquamarine Swarovsky crystal pendants. My daughter-in-law had told my son she would love to have one on a beaded strap as she always breaks chains, but she didn't know of a stitch that wouldn't overwhelm the pendant. That's why I've been trying so hard to get this finished. I want to give it to her.

Now it's finished. . .finally. I really enjoyed doing this even though I got so frustrated, because it was for someone special. Oh and by the way, that third bead on the left is NOT green. I took this picture and had to run back and hold the chain under my full spectrum light to make sure. LOL it's just the way the light shown on it.

I have made my own tutorial how to do St. Petersburg Chain and tried to submit it to e How, but so far it hasn't gone through. I've edited it twice and will keep trying. When I finally get it submitted, I'll let you know.

Happy beading!


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