Saturday, June 27, 2009

Native American Bead Embroidery Update

Earlier this month I shared with your my struggles with learning Native American Bead Embroidery. I finally finished one little section of the design and have decided it will go into my "unforgettable experience" box. I do love the designs especially by the northern tribes. They are so soft and fluent unlike the angular geometrics of the southwestern tribes which I grew up seeing. I want to figure out exactly what I want to put a design on, and make it specifically for that item, but I won't work it on muslin.

Fabric and a hoop is recommended, but I just had too much trouble working with a hoop even though I have been embroidering for well over 50 years. When I make my next design I will work it on peltex 70 or lacy's stiff stuff which won't need a hoop.

I've ordered the beads to finish Dragon Scales. While I'm waiting, I got started learning the diagonal square stitch I mentioned in Summer Beading The edge color beads aren't noted in the pattern and I couldn't figure out which ones of the increase beads were going to actually be on the edge, so I'm working my practice swatch in all one color. I've gotten to row 6 and am beginning to get the hang of it. I'll be posting an update later. It will either be a post of utter exhilaration or total frustration. From progress so far it will be the former.


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