Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Beading

Do you find yourself working different stitches at different seasons as well as working with different colors? It seems that summer jewelry should be light weight, not too complex and just sort of float at your throat, around your wrist or ankle or dangle delicately from your ear lobes.

It seems that summer time has me looking for new stitches or new adaptations of old stitches. Some of my finds can be solid and rather chunky like this free pattern for Twisty Square Stitch bracelet pattern at Beading Daily.

Square stitch isn't something that I've gotten well acquainted with simply because I never liked the way the edges looked. I think I may have to try this pattern even though there's a warning that it is an advanced pattern. Oh well when did a little thing like inexperience ever stop me.

Rings & Things has introduced a new Gift Registry. Check it out.

Well I thought the thunder storms had passed and we were through with storms for today, but the thunder is rolling again, lightening can't be far behind. I'd better sign off and power down again.


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