Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Discoveries and Such

 I learned something today.  I try to learn something every day, but this was by chance. Since I've had cataract and glaucoma surgery on my left eye, it gets very tired very easily.  I've blamed this on the fact that about 40% of the vision in that eye is gone and it just really gets tired trying to focus when I do close work.

This morning I've spent most of the time on the computer updating Squidoo lens, reading e mail, checking my FaceBook and FaceBook fan page, looking at new additions to BeadPatternsBoutique and The BeadCoop, and trying to get some pictures etc. ready to upload to my ArtFire shop.  I've only beaded about 30 minutes.  My left eye is so tired it wants me to just shut it and not make it work any more.

I've come to the conclusion that it's something about the computer and/or TV screens that make it so tired, so I'm going to go rest my eyes for an hour or so, then try to get some beading done. I only have 13 of the 23 ornaments I need for my grand and great grand kids and 7 or the remaining ones are brick stitch, which takes me longer to do than the herringbone stars and snowflakes.

The patterns for my Christmas ornaments are available at BeadPatternsBoutique, and The BeadCoop.


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