Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales

ArtFire is sponsoring a huge Black Friday 2010 deals promotion. I went to ArtFire to see what the Beaded Jewelry artists were doing. Typed "beaded jewelry" into the search box and got 1245 pages of deals, mostly stringing and wirework. Typed in "beadwoven jewelry" and got 10 pages.

That gave me a big clue as to niche key words for my ArtFire shop. All of mine have beaded, jewelry in the tags, but not all had beadwoven. I'm finding this SEO really hard to grasp, but occasionally I see the light here and there.

Speaking of Black Friday, BeadPatternsBoutique is having a huge buy 2 get one free sale on bead patterns Friday, November 26th through Monday, November 29th. Twelve designers are participating in this sale so you can find a wide variety of patterns. Read all the details in the BeadPatternsBoutique Shop Blog. This is definitely not a sale you want to pass up. We've had this type of sale occasionally, but this one has the largest participation among the designers.

I hope all my US friends are having a very happy, safe Thanksgiving Day, and to the rest of you I hope you're warm/cool (depending on your location) and safe for the weekend.


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