Monday, July 19, 2010

Red Hat Earrings

My bead fairy, Bobbye, has finished the red hat earrings so I got to put the pattern up on BeadPatternsBoutique today. I'll get it up on The Bead Coop tomorrow I hope. I've been working out in the yard and the combination of wind and pollen has got my eyes feeling like they have been sand blasted.

I have another toggle ring pattern nearly finished and a simple Right Angle Weave necklace pattern in the works.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that three of my patterns on BPB had made it into the top 10 this morning.  This afternoon one of them had been edged out by Beth Rudy's lovely Hummingbird lighter cover.  Get on over to Bead Patterns Boutique and The Bead Coop and take a look at all the new patterns.  All the designers have been very busy lately!


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