Saturday, July 10, 2010

FanFare Bracelet

I've finally finished the Fanfare bracelet. It took me a little longer than I had anticipated. I think it turned out lovely. The beautiful blue of those beads just makes me think of summer skies in the high altitude of New Mexico. Hmmm. Better not dwell on that too long. I'll get homesick.

I've posted the pattern on BeadPatternsBoutique
and The Bead Coop and hope to have the finished bracelet in my Etsy shop later today.

I haven't accomplished much lately in the way of beading. We've had an unusual amount of rain lately. It's been too wet to mow so the yard really needs some work. I've gotten out and pulled weeds (nice wet soil lets go of them easily), but that hasn't helped much.

I've been updating and working on my Etsy shop. I still have much to do, but the Etsy Beadweavers Team has really helped me take a look at it from a different viewpoint, so hopefully it will be much improved when I finish.


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