Saturday, May 15, 2010


I started this year out with the goal of adding one new bead pattern a week and one new item to my Etsy shop every week. I have plenty of jewelry to put up on Etsy, it's just hard for me to get good pictures.

I was taking inventory today. I've only added eight new patterns and 9 items to my Etsy shop. Some of the Etsy items are some that expired and I relisted.

Yep! I'm feeling sorry for myself, or guilty. I'm not sure which. the year is swiftly passing and I'm accomplishing so little.

Now that I've had both cataracts removed and eyes are pretty well healed I hope I can get a lot more done the rest of the year than I've done so far.

The Best Little Beading Book (Beadwork Books)I've been watching Amazon for quite some time for "The Best Little Beading Book" to come available.
Wendy Simpson Conner learned beadwork from her grandmother. This book covers various beads and their sizes in mm, fundamentals of beading, beadwork, stringing, and so much much more. There's a lot of history of beadwork and pictures of old beadwork on fabric and bead weaving.
There are many patterns in this book and also a section on setting up a jewelry business and some fun puzzles. It just looks like a wonderful reference book complete with eye candy. That's something we all love isn't it?
The regular price I've found on this books from other sites is $28 or so.  This one's a steal at under $10.


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