Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad News

I've been having trouble seeing my bead work and my computer screen. This has resulted in tension headaches. I went to the optometrist today. He said the fluid wasn't draining off my eye and there was a tiny cataract growing in my left eye. He did extensive tests and set up another appointment two weeks from now to do another test before he refers me to a specialist to have it removed.

Time to break out the Dr. Christopher's Eyebright formula and use it regularly. I've heard it can remove cataracts as well as take care of glaucoma and macular degeneration, ease eye strain and so much more, but it is verrry uncomfortable. I think I'd rather do that though, than have the expense of cataract surgery.

I'm still working on the lilac credit card holder. I'm doing the back in netting. I didn't have very much of the purples left so the back is just sort of a dappled shade effect using mostly the green beads.

I sold all but 1 bar of my Mechanic's soap a week ago and have been saying I'm going to get another batch made today. Here it is a week later and I still haven't gotten it made. I also need to get some shaving soaps ready and do a little work on my SilverMist Garden website, but I'm having to just work short periods on the computer.

In addition to working on the credit card holder I've decided I needed to learn to do micro macrame. I ordered a kit from The Knot Gypsy, thinking it can't be that hard. I know the knots. I do know the knots, just have to really think about which way they should go to make them lay the way I want them to. Practice Practice Practice. :). That's always the key to learning something new or re-learning something you haven't done in 30 years.

Time to get off here. It's been cold and rainy after being hot and windy for a few days. I have things to do.


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