Saturday, October 30, 2010

Russian Lace Celtic Cross

I have finished the Celtic Cross necklace beaded in Russian lace stitch and uploaded the pattern to BeadPatternsBoutique.

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Russian lace is always a challenge for me.  I learned three drop netting using a different color for the juncture bead, or a different color for the top half of the mesh and the bottom half.  The designs in Russian lace are created by placing the colors in a pattern which may or may not conform to that formula.  I had finished the necklace, put the clasp on it and took pictures before I noticed a glaring mistake about one third of the way from the end.  And I thought I was checking each design before going on to the next one!

Well it was fun and it was challenging.  The pattern is illustrated with text instructions mesh by mesh, so if you follow the pattern exactly you will be able to complete this necklace even if you've never worked Russian lace.


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