Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brighten up Your Winter With Beaded Jewelry

I was looking through the Artfire Beadweaver's Guild photo gallery checking out new additions this morning.  This Neon Beadwoven Necklace immediately caught my eye.  BeadsnBloom has used glass cabochons that flash with a multitude of colors to construct this asymmetric necklace.  The seed beads and fire polished beads she has used with them bring out the beauty and flash in these cabochons  made by Lisa Allen of L.A. Art.

I'm so envious of those of you who can cruise the local markets and actually see the beauties you're buying before you buy.  I have to rely on the photography skills of those who sell on line, as the selection locally is limited. Oh well, you know beaders. . . we are going to bead with whatever is available.

If you haven't already, check out the fabulous beaderwoven wonders in the Artfire Beadweaver's Guild photo gallery!  Our beadweaving techniques range from peyote to bead embroidery to just about any other stitch you can think of, plus some free form without names, and all are fabulous beaders.


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