Monday, October 25, 2010

Beaded Russian Lace

Celtic Cross 2
I’ve been looking through my UFO and salvage boxes lately looking for beads and looking at some of my earlier work.  I found some practice pieces that I’d done in Russian lace. 
Russian lace is three drop netting with “slits” for lack of a better word, in the outer edge that lets it form a natural curve for necklaces.  I found a classic Karmen necklace I’d done in purple, green and amber and an adaptation that formed a heart and had pearl and Swarovski crystal bicone drops.  I also found a doodle I’d done trying to make a Celtic cross.  I’ve spent a couple of days working and ripping out trying to make the design work.  Finally got it right and got a pattern worked up.  Now it’s smooth sailing.  There are two places that I had to take out on nearly every repeat because I’d get the bead sequence wrong.  As soon as I get the necklace finished, the pattern will be available.


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