Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sculptured Hearts Bracelet

I've finally given up on the sculptured hearts bracelet for now. I've tried working it with various types of thread, finally settled on 6 lb Vanish fishing line. It was going very well, but I laid it aside for the night and the next morning it had drawn up into a little ball. I haven't given up completely, but I have to do something else for a while.

I have an idea in mind for a design that looks like a raised braid and a heart with an arrow through it, but I've worked that heart 4 different ways and still haven't gotten it to look presentable. I have one more idea, and it that doesn't work, its on to the raised braid.

I hope you are all staying warm/cool which ever is pertenint to your area and that you're having a great Sunday. The sun is shining here and thankfully we didn't get much moisture with the freezing cold. Prayers and good vibes go out to those of you still buried under mountains of snow.


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