Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Button Brooch

via Jean Campbell by Jean Campbell on 8/19/09

I wrote a blog on Beading Daily today entitled 5 Ways to Wear a Brooch. The exercise got me truly jazzed up about making brooches again! Since I don't wear them that often (I'm not a very good wardrobe planner), I never think to wear them. But they work up so fast that they're fun to make. I think I'll need to pull them out of the drawer more often.

Here's a brooch I made last night that I'd like to share with you. Blogger is being naughty and turning all my photos upside down, though, so click here to see the photo-only instructions. Please let me know if you can follow along okay. Enjoy!

Materials and Tools
2' of brass 28-gauge wire
1 green/gold 17mm glass vintage button with shank
1 diamond trellis filigree (Vintaj #F280)
1"x3" piece of brown scrap leather
2 brass 6mm eyelets
1 1/2" pin back
Wire cutters
Heavy-duty scissors
Chain-nose pliers
Ballpoint pen
Eyelet setter
Dremel tool and 7/64" drill bit
Beading awl

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