Monday, May 11, 2009

New Creative Outlet

My bead muse seems to have left me for sunnier climes. Unfortunately she didn't offer to take me along, so I'm stuck here in the fog and drizzle unable to focus on the St. Petersburg Chain I'm trying to finish. I keep forgetting where I go from here and have to refer back to the instructions. Frustrating!

So, I started playing around with photo shop and experimenting with what I could do with pictures of my beadwork. The ones I like best look something like mother of pearl and are made by distorting a buffalo nickle with a beaded bezel around it. The red one shown above I removed the green beads and distorted a picture of a rose from my garden to make a red taffeta look background.

I started a whole new category in my Zazzle shop called Weird Faces. As you look at them bear in mind that all of the pictures are distortions of pictures of beadwork. It seemed that no matter how I distorted a picture I saw a face in it, so I just decided to make faces on purpose.

OK enough playing around. I really should get some housework done before the temperature goes back up to 92 tomorrow.


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