Friday, May 22, 2009

Beadwork Shows and Books

Wow! I guess the season for summer shows, festivals, contests etc. is in full swing across the nation.
The Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, New York is displaying art work of two different Native American artists until October.
"Visions Beyond Clay: The Artwork of Tammy Garcia"
"Sewing the Seeds: 200 Years of Iroquois Glass Beadwork," The items in the exhibit come from the 2,000-piece collection of Iroquois beadwork assembled by Dolores Elliott of Binghamton.

I'm unable to determine where Steward is, (I'm assuming Alaska, but never assume) "Across town, the Qutekcak Native Tribe hosted its second-annual Native Arts and Crafts Fair, with 18 vendors displaying an array of beadwork, jewelry, sealskin pillows, carved knives and more".

Beading Daily has announced it's summer beadwork challenge.

And Native American Art History Books has put this fabulous book of Native American designs up for sale. At the time of this writing used books are available for as little as 81 cents and new books start as low as $1.99. Check them all out and happy beading and selling during this beautiful summer.


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