Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January is Regroup Month

My beadwork is still defying me. I've put aside the chenille stitch I was working on. Sometimes it went smoothely, and other times I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

I finally got the base for an open 3D heart to work. Now to just finish it. My hands don't seem too delighted to manage needle and thread (something I've been doing since I was four years old.

On the other hand, I'm getting better at making coloring mandalas. This is Tulip Cross made with a different technique than I've used with previous mandalas. It's a little more structured than some of my first ones.

I started downloading free mandalas to color, finally looked at one and thought to myself "I can do this". Then I started playing around making them and I have more fun making them than coloring. It's relaxing and fun.

I've been going through my Bead Patterns Boutique shop cleaning up some errors in listings. I started the shop while I was recovering from hip surgery 8 years ago. Obviously, my brain was still foggy.  All this time, I've never noticed I left out some crucial information. I don't know how I managed to sell anything. 

I'm trying to get a schedule set up to allot time to all my endeavors, but I've been so lax in that respect for so long that's a real chore.


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