Monday, August 24, 2015

It's Monday. . .Again

Where did the week go?  Today's been a relatively productive day in spite of everything.  I've finished mowing the yard and worked on Mirror Mirror a little bit.

I gave up on illustrating the tutorial and took step by step pictures to make a pictorial.  I spend most of the morning editing the pictures for the first seven steps and finishing up the peyote on the second side of the pearl.

I'd bragged about not doing so much frog stitch on this project. Bragged too soon.  When I got to the next round I found the two rounds before it wouldn't work.  There just wasn't anywhere to go from there.  It's frustrating, but I like it so much I won't be giving up yet.

I've abandoned the purple and gold one in spite of the fact the colors are my favorite.  It's so sparkly and shiny I can't see it. Maybe by the next post I'll have a finished piece to show you.


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