Friday, December 3, 2010

Purple Heart Necklace

As promised, I've begun the Russian Lace Heart pattern. This one is a little different from the red and cream one, and I still have a few more adjustments to make before the pattern is ready to be published.

I'm making this one with purple and gold seed beads, 3mm amethyst Swarovski crystal bicones and 5mm freshwater button pearls. So far it's looking good.

The Purple Heart is a medal awarded to our soldiers wounded in battle, so this necklace is a tribute to them, but it's also a tribute to families at home waiting for their loved ones to return Their lives are forever changed and their hearts are wounded, knowing the uncertainty of life during war.

Purple is said to be the color of royalty as well as good judgement.

Pearls signify the best within us, honesty, integrety, wisdom. They remind us to live our lives with dignity.

I hope to have the necklace finished and the pattern ready to publish in about a week.


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