Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day News

It's a warm windy day here on the high plains of Texas. I should be tweaking a christmas ornament pattern or writing an article or straightening up my bead cave. But news of a new grand baby on the way (my youngest daughter's first) has left me too excited to focus, so here I sit at my computer surfing beaders blogs to see what everyone else is up to.

I found a book review on Cyndi Lavin's new e Book "Every Bead Has a Story" all about bead embroidery. I've done a little bead embroidery and have thought about exploring it more fully, so I downloaded the free first chapter.

I thought "Wow! and here I thought I was the only one that asked 'what if' and then went to work".

Cindi Lavin is a mixed media artist and her beadwork definitely showes it. Even though the project in the first chapter is all beads she gives you many many ideas of things to use for beads to get that illusive texture that beads just don't provide.

You can download the free first chapter at the link above and chapters 2 and 3 are now available for just $3.00, so if you're looking for some bead embroidery ideas and instructions get on over there and take a look.


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