Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer's Ending

Just a few more days of summer left. The weather's cooling off here and the fall flowers are beginning to bloom.

I haven't been doing much beading or blogging lately.  I sliced my right thumb slicing cabbage for slaw about a week ago. It's really hard to bead or type with a bandaid on your dominant thumb.

In spite of that my Etsy Beadweavers September Challenge piece is coming along nicely and it looks like I just might get it finished by the deadline. You can go to Etsy  and type ebwc in the search box to see the entries that have already been posted.

I received a review of this sticky bead mat from Carrie of  DJBeads yesterday.  I've seen sticky mats before, but several reviews on them said they left the beads feeling sticky.  Carrie has tried these and declares they are the best beading aid yet.  I really need one of these.  I bead in my easy chair with a lap tray.  I'm constantly managing to send beads flying in all directions, and of course, as if I couldn't make a big enough mess by myself, my cat "helps".


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