Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is it Spring Fever?

Officially it isn't summer until the 21st of June, so maybe it's  spring fever effecting my brain. I made this pattern for a patriotic hearts bracelet and earrings set, "Intertwined Hearts" ordered the beads to make them, and waited patiently  for my order from Painter Art Beads  and then excitedly opened my package of beads. I had made a typo on my order and I'd ordered DB 215, sky blue luster, instead of DB 216, royal blue luster.

Somehow the sky blue just doesn't fit in with the patriotic colors.  I am so upset with myself I've been working on one earring for a week and haven't finished it yet. The picture is from the bead pattern and represents the colors I planned for this set to be.

I did go ahead and post the pattern at The BeadCoop.  The earrings are large at 1.5 inch wide X 2.5 inch long  and will make a bold statement.  The bracelet is 1.5 inches wide X 7.3 inches long.


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