Friday, March 25, 2011

Hexagon Angle Weave Confusion Bracelet

I've finally completed my "Confusion" bracelet and pattern.

Learning hexagon angle weave was a great challenge, but once I got it into my head, I wondered why I had so much trouble with it. It does take multiple steps to complete a design, but it follows a completely logical thread path. Maybe that was my problem, I'm not a logical thinker.

Anyway It's done and I'm very pleased with how my design turned out. I haven't decided on a clasp yet, but I wanted to share my victory with my readers.

You can find the pattern in my BeadPatternsBoutique shop:
or at TheBeadCoop
or in my ArtFire Studio

I haven't decided what's next.  I've been looking through Gwen Fisher's tutorials. She has some interesting stitches as well as fantastic beaded beads.  The fact that they are all based on mathematics fascinates me, maybe because my brain usually shuts off when I hear "math", but these designs and stitches are so beautiful I'm drawn to them.


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