Saturday, October 17, 2009

Art Beads Project

I've finished working up all those delicious, beautiful Swarovski components I got from in September. This is a picture of all the finished pieces. Although I got rivoli buttons, I decided to just bezel them instead of using the button feature.

The biggest piece, the necklace, used seven of these components. One 37X25.5 Light colorado topaz fancy octagon which I bezeled using brown size 9 seed beads and iridescent green size 11 seed beads. The bezel is embellished with matte 4mm druks.

Directly below the octagon is a 12mm rivoli button in crystal tabac which I bezeled with green iridescent size 11 seed beads and champaign transparent size 15 seed beads. It is embellished with the same matte 4mm druks as the octagon.

Directly below that I've attached a 20mm triangel ring in crystal tabac with a right angle weave tab and a double string of champaign transparent size 15 beads.

At the top of the octagon I've attached a 12 mm rivoli button on each side. These rivoli buttons are bezeled with green iridescent size 11 and champaign transparent size 15 seed beads and embellished with picots made with the same size 15's.

Two 14mm triangle rings are used to attach the focal point to the spiral rope strap which uses size 9's for a core with loops of iridescent green and champaign transparent interspersed with matte 4mm druks.
A right angle weave toggle and peyote ring serve as closure for this beautiful necklace.

The two 12mm crystal AB rivoli buttons shimmer and dance from their puffed bezel of silver lined saphire size 11 and silver lined clear size 15 seed beads, merrily defying my camera and photography skills.

And finally the 14mm ernite rivoli button glows from its puffed bezel of silverlined blue violet size 11 and gold lined crystal size 15 seed beads. The bezel is embellished with tiny 3mm Swarovski peridot bicones and sports a simple right angel weave bail that allows this gorgeous pendant to be worn on your favorite chain or cord.

These beautiful Swarovski components are much more lovely in person. You just have to see them to realize how they do sparkle and glow.

Hopefully I will have these items in my Etsy shop before the end of next week.

I wrote an article on how to make a puffed bezel, but eHow dropped it somewhere into cyber space. If you see a link to "puffed bezel" in this article in the future you'll know I've retrieved it.


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