Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beads, Beads, Beads

Oh Dear! Beads have taken over my life. Well actually they did that a long time ago. Now they're taking over my whole house! I finished a project and was putting away the remaining beads. I noticed something I'd been oblivious to while focusing on the Spirit Doll.

I have unfinished projects stacked and stashed everywhere! I even found one in the living room. I have a box half full of UFOs (unfinished objects), another box with items awaiting clasps (I can't find just the right one), and 2 beading pads with projects and the beads to go with them stacked. On top of all that is the micro-macrame I'm trying to learn (or relearn with much smaller thread and beads).

As if that wasn't enough I have an order for soaps and other skin care products to get out. I keep telling myself I have to wait for containers, but I know there's only one item that I don't have containers for, so It's just a matter of FOCUS! I wish the wind would stop blowing. It's really messing with my brain!


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