Friday, January 29, 2016


This morning as I was playing, making mandalas (making them is as good for meditation as coloring them), my mind focused on a friend who we know won't be with us much longer. As I put the finishing touches on this mandala, all I saw was angels and hearts. Here's to you, my friend. May the angels welcome you and give you peace.

I made another one from the same base. I see many paths, some dark some light, some twisted and curved all connected to or surrounded by other objects and I thought about how our lives were connected, as improbable as it was and thanked God for her presence in our lives all these years.

I'm in the process of making and publishing coloring pages and have many made up by now, but I haven't decided whether I'll share these two with the public. Right now they're my personal reflections of the past nearly four decades.

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