Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yard Work

I haven't had much time or inclination to bead or make soap the last two or three weeks. I had two huge seep willows that got too much water last year due to unusual rainfall and developed some kind of fungus which killed them. Since I don't have any heavy equipment to remove them with, I've had to cut them to pieces a little at a time. I finally got most of the last one cut down yesterday. I still need to tie on to the base with a chain and my pickup and pull the root ball out.

Other than that I've been kept busy mowing and weeding which seems to be a never ending job.

Right now I've got to get busy and get the Herb of the Month article ready for the Herbal Grace newsletter, so I guess I'd better get out off this blog and get busy!

Friday, July 11, 2008


I've finally got this bead tray down to a "science". Well not really. I've had to reduce the length of the tray. The long side didn't stand up like I wanted it to when I made the tray 9" X 14", so I made it 9" X 12". It works better. Plenty of room to put your beads when you're beading and will also hold your work, needles, thread, scissors when you put your beading away.

The corners can be untied to lay flat for storage. Trays can be stacked with projects on them. If you're like me you've always got more than one project going.

I've listed these in my Etsy shop. Just click thebeaddoodler in the Etsy showcase to the right, or click on a picture in the showcase.


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